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About Us

About WhyAlerts

What we are ?
WhyAlerts is an open community of passionate people- writers, explorers, knowledge seekers, conversation starters, Interacting and informing,Sharing words, Asking questions, Finding answers. It’s a rich and rewarding experience with a unique set of tools and resources to help others to find their answer of “WHY”.
Why we are Here ?
Just imagine a world where anyone can know their answer very easily. There is a phrases in Indian mythology “Every WHY don’t have answer” but we are not in the favour of this. If there is a question there is a answer too, we have too just find that.

Every mind has a question why is this, why is that , or e.t.c but unable to find their answer.

At WhyAlerts.com a community of knowledge philanthropist are collaborating to create this “WHY” world. We are driven by a shared passion to create a high-quality collection of “WHY” related questions. We keep moving each article until we don’t able to answer almost all “WHY” to our visitor.

While we recognize that this ambitious goal will take years to accomplish, we take pleasure in knowing that we already help people every day.

What We Do ?
WhyAlerts.com is a collaborative effort to create the world’s most helpful about “WHY” related question. Where anyone can write a article on the site.
Who We Are ?
A vibrant volunteer community of writers and editors from the core of WhyAlerts. Everyone who contributes to WhyAlerts does it because it’s fun. Other common reasons people contribute include the desire to help others, the joy of collaborating on something larger than any individual could achieve independently, the thrill of being read by a very large audience, and the desire to build real world skills like writing and leadership.

WhyAlerts Founder Deepak kr. patel and Co-founder Deepika Sinha and a Dedicated team of professional articles writer some are full time and some are Part time Help WhyAlerts moving forward.
We have a small home office. where we work together in New Delhi and Patna a small town from India.

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