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Author’s Guide

This Author’s guide is intended to help you create articles that match WhyAlerts’s format and tone. You’re writing for someone who has probably Don’t know about it before or may be for enhancing their knowledge of someone, who may or may not be come up with this kind of question they frantically search the Internet for a solution to whatever “Why” problem they’re facing. That’s why your articles need to be clear, concise, and (most importantly) informative.

Our overall goal with WhyAlerts writing is to provide skimmable information that readers can quickly understand while simultaneously creating rich, informative articles for more patient users. We’re trying to step away from the style of most traditional print publishers because readers of online content need to be able to comprehend information as quickly as possible. This means we’re going to throw some of the old rules out the window.

Remember: The advice below should serve as a guide while you’re writing. We realize there are exceptions to every rule, so keep in mind that nothing is set in stone, and always use your best judgment when creating or editing articles.

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