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Why CFL bulbs are different from incandescent bulbs ?

CFL bulbs are very different from incandescent bulbs because incandescent bulbs are the standard type of bulbs that were most common till some years back. incandescent light bulbs are made of glass and are round in shape. They work by heating a tungsten filament, or wire, until it glows. This is what produces the light that you see. Unfortunately, 90% of the energy used to generate that light is wasted as heat, making incandescent bulbs a very inefficient way to light your home.

Instead of a glowing filament , CFL bulbs  contains argon and mercury vapour housed within a tube curved in different shapes. When an electric current passed through the mixture the gas gets excited, and it produces ultraviolet light, The ultraviolet light in turn stimulates a flouescent coating painted on the inside of the tube. As this visible light.

CFLs last a longer time than incandescent bulbs. In some tests they burned brightly for 10,000 hours, whereas standard bulbs burned for just 800 to 1500 hours. CFL bulbs use significantly less energy than incandescent bulbs around 75 % less. This means that by using CFLs you are not saving electricity but also reducing energy consumption and preventing greenhouses gas emissions that contribute to global climate change.

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