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Why is the cow believed to be sacred in Hinduism ?

God created the world and all living things. He also pervades in all things :  Isha vasyam sarvam yat kinchit jagatyam jagat – God pervades the entire world, all life and things. So, Hindus have a reverential attitude and behavior towards animals, plants, rivers and mountains.

In Vedic Hinduism the cow was venerated and in classical Hinduism it came to be worshiped .

Due to the fact that  the bull and cow were central to the agricultural society of the vadic Aryans and that milk and its products were used in  yajans,  they became objects of veneration and worship. Bhagwan Shri Krishna’s love for cows added fillip to the worship of cows. He is known as Gopala – the protector of cows. The other reason Why the cow venerated and worshiped is because it symbolizes purity, Mother Earth and ahimsa. It is also believed that the devas reside in its body. The five products of the cow that are highly valued for their sacredness and purity are milk , curd, butter, dung and urine.

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