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Why are concave mirrors different form convex mirrors?

concave mirrors different form convex mirrors because A concave mirror has an inward curved surface, like the inside of a spoon. Because of its curved shape, light rays are focused at appoint in front of the mirror’s surface.

Depending on where an object is placed, a concaves reflecting surface can reduce and invert an image, or enlarge an image. So, if you stand in front of a concave mirror, you will notice that that the reflected image is reduced and inverted. If you move closer, your image turns over, and becomes enlarged. Concave mirrors have many uses. These include vanity mirrors used by dentists, and those used in reflecting telescopes.

A convex mirror has an outward bulging reflecting surface. A convex surface only reduces the size of a reflected image- it does not invert it, regardless of where an object placed in front of it. A convex mirror allows a wider area to seen, and its many uses include rearview mirror in automobiles, and mirrors in stores that are used for security purposes.

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