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Why was the first blood transfusion a historic one ?

In 1628, a British physician William Harvey described the circulation and properties of blood . The first blood transfusions were also attempted around this time , although these were often unsuccessful, and proved fetal in humans .
The first successful blood transfusion recorded was performed by a British physician Richard Lower in 1665, It was performed on a dog.
In 1667, Jean-Baptiste Denis who was physician to King Louis XIV, performed the transfusion of blood from an animal to a human .
Later, in 1818, a British obstetrician James Blundell successfully transfused human blood to a patient who had bled heavily during
childbirth , and saved her life . During the second world war , blood transfusion was used on a large scale to treat injured soldiers . Today , blood transfusion are accepted as a life saving procedure . By adult can help to save a life
. Isn’t that a wonderful thing to do ?

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