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Why are fluorescence and phosphorescence useful ?

Do you know Why fluorescence and phosphorescence useful because Fluorescence is  the property of absorbing light of short wavelength and emitting light of longer wavelength. Fluorescence seen in the redness of rubies, in sunlight , in fluorescence markets , and in ‘Day-glo’ or ‘neon’ colors. There are many others uses for fluorescence too. It is used in neon light, highway light, TVs, computers, microscopes and paints.

There are numerous uses for phosphorescence in daily life. Apart from glow in the dark toys, phosphorescence is used for more sophisticated needs. Many watches are developed with phosphorescent materials on their hands so the user can tell the time in the dark.

Phosphorescent substances are used in paints, on electric switch boards and sign boards. Emergency routes, doors and stairways are often marked with these paints. These substances absorb sunlight suring the day time , and use stored energy to glow after dark.

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