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Why is the forest floor an incredible place ?

The forest floor is an incredible combination  of dead leaves , fallen petals, rotting fruits, seeds, bud scales, twigs, limbs, whole tree trunks, feathers, fur, animals carcasses and fasces.

All this material accumulates year after year and the entire mass decomposes slowly. Almost no sunlight reaches this layer and it is very moist. Fungi and other plants live off the layer  of decaying leaves and other matter. This decomposing litter is a source of food for all kinds of a small invertebrates like termites and millipedes.

Countless centipedes, cockroaches, scorpions, slugs, earthworms, and beetles live here, under stones, leaves, and logs. most of the life of the life of the forest floor is microscopic. He Plants and animals on one acre may outnumber the entire human population of the earth by a million or more to one.


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