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Why is the forest spectacular in autumn?

Do you know Why is the forest spectacular in autumn BecauseĀ Autumn in the forest means cooler weather and shorter days. Leaves drift down, and as the canopy thins, sunlight slants across the tree tops and onto the forest floor again.

Forest are spectacularly beautiful in autumn, as the leaves from a patchwork of orang, red, yellow, and pink hues. Fruit ripens mostly in the fall, just as migrating birds are beginning to fly south to subtropical and tropical forest for the winter.

The floor of the forest in soon covered with seeds and dead leaves, to form a cushion that traps moisture. The decomposers- millipedes, bacteria, earthworms and fungi- are hard at work as hordes of insects crawl under the fallen leaves to hibernate.

Autumn is a period of frantic activity in forests, as animals face the onset of winter.

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