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Why is the kalasha worshiped in puja rituals ?

Why is the kalasha worshiped in puja rituals because A kalasha symbolizes auspiciousness. It is generally a brass bronze or copper pot filled with water with a coconut placed over it. A red and white thread is tied around the pot’s neck. Mango leaves are placed between the coconut and the lip of the pot.

Such a kalasha is placed with due rituals on all important occasions and events like murti-pratishtha, yajna, vastu-puja and mahapuja before the image of God. It is also placed in a wedding ceremony, near the entrance door as a sign of welcome and auspiciousness and in all domestic rituals. It is alsi used while receiving distinguished or holy people.

Through chanting of mantras the waters of all holy rivers, the knowledge of all the vedas and the blessings of all deties  are invoked into the kalasha and thereafter the holy water is used for performing rituals and sprinkling upon devotees.

When the auras (Demons) and Devas churned the ocean, Lord Dhanvantari appeared with a kalasha of Amruta the immortality nectar. The kalasha therefore also symbolizes immortality and divinity.

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