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Why Does The Peacock Raise His Feathers?

why peacock

The common peacock originates from India, but has been known in the west for thousands of years. The long train, which is not actually a tail, but is held up by the feathers of true tail beneath, is about half the total length of the male bird.
Only the males have trains; the female –peahens –are smaller, drab in colour and have smaller crests.
The male uses his beautiful plumage to impress females and in the breeding season will raise and quiver his train feathers in order to persuade them that he would make a good father for their chicks. They are mainly used as living garden ornaments in grand gardens and public parks.
Some peacocks and peahens are pure white. This is a colour mutation and in captivity selective breeding has been employed to produce this colour variation.
Peacock feather have long been used in decorating hats, but in many areas it is thought bad luck to have them in the house.

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