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Why do plants grow towards the light ?

Do you Know Why do plants grow towards the light because Plants cans sense  the direction from which light comes and will always grow in that direction. If you take a tray of young plants that have been grown in the open and place them indoors near a window, all the plants will soon bend towards the light. This is because light essential for the process of photosynthesis through which a plant manufacture its own food. The response of plants to light is called phototropism.

Plant growth hormones called axons play a part in phototropism. When light shines on one side of plant, the auxins move to the dark side. The hormones stimulate the cells on the dark side so that they grow longer while the cells on the side of the plant that gets light remain the same length. This causes the plant to bend in the direction of the light. As a result more light can reach more cells on the plant, so that the process of photosynthesis can continue.

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