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Why is the shrub layer of a forest special ?

Below the canopy and under story of a forest is the layer known as the shrub layer. This layer is made up of young trees, mature shrubs, and bushes. It grows between the smaller trees of the understory and the forest floor.

Shrubs are woody plants with severals and can range from about knee high to over three metres in heights. Most forests contain only one or teo dominant shrub species and some contain no shrubs at all.

The shrub layer is important for the animals in the forest. It provides a protective cover for the activities of small animals like shrews, deer mice, and chipmunks. Many of them make their burrows under the bushes of the shrub layer.

Birds also find it convenient to make their nests in the shrubs. Shrubs are also a source of food for berries and seeds. So, the shrub layer is special as it provides protection food and shelter for the smaller animals in the forest.

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