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Why Does a Spoon Appear Bent When Placed in a Glass of Water ?

Do You Know Why a Spoon Appear Bent When Placed in a Glass of Water because Place a spoon in an upright position in a round glass of water . Now move it slowly from the middle of the glass to side the side. You will see that the spoon appears to get bent or broken. This illusion occurs because of a phenomenon called the refraction of light.

Refraction takes place when light passes at an angle from one transparent medium to another, for example air to water.

We know that light travels in a straight line , but when of light hits the water at an angle , its speed changes. This causes a change in direction. So, the light is bent and then continues in the straight line.

When the spoon straight up in the glass, it appears straight because when light hits the water square on, it will pass straight through, and will not be refracted or bent. So, there is no distortion. However, when we move the spoon sideways, the light from the spoon hits the water at an angle so it is refracted or bent , and the part of the spoon under water appears in a different location. The result is the illusion of a bent spoon.

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