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Why is spring called the season for words?

Do you know Why is spring called the season for words Because Except for a few species, most words fly smooth to warmer climates during winter, and return to the forest in spring. The male bird come first, to claim his territory, which he defines by singing, and telling other birds about the boundaries he has set-boundaries that he will defend, if need be. The  female to hears the song, and turns up a few days, or a week later.

Spring is the time when birds build their nests, when eggs are laid and hatched. Baby birds are fed by their parents until they are old enough to fly and find their own food. If you visit a forest in spring, you will find it alive with birdsongs. So, be prepared to be overwhelmed by trilling, warbling, cooing, cawing, screeching, screaming, hooting, whistling and chirping, as birds celebrate the arrival of spring.

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