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Why is summer important in a forest ?

Do you know Why is summer important in a forest because In summer, the upper layer of the canopy is brightly lit and hot as it receives the direct rays of the fierce sun

The forest floor lies in  deep shade because of the thick cover of levels, and as a result, it is very cool. At night, the leaf cover above keeps the hit trapped in, so a forest floor is warmer then the open country side.

Summer is the time when photosynthesis is in full swing in the forest. Millions of green leaves use the abundance of sunlight available to produce food for plants at a fantastic date.

Some of the food is used by the flowers, fruits and seeds, some is used for the growth of new tissues in the stems, branches and trunks. Some flows into the roots, some of the food produced is stored for fruit use.

So, summer is the season when the forest makes food for the present, and for  the future.

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