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Why Does the sun looks red at Sunset ?

Why Does the sun looks red at Sunset. Because We have all enjoyed the beauty of glorious sunset when the sun spears to be fiery red. Why is the sun , which is blazing white at noon, looks red at sunset ? It is because sunlight or what we call ‘white light’ is made up of different colors, each having a different wavelength.

During sunset , the sun’s rays are slanting, and they pass through a much longer path in the lower atmosphere. The lower layers of the atmosphere have many more of the tiny particles called aerosols that are suspended even in the cleanest of air.

Aerosols come from many sources like soil, salt from the ocean , plants, the burning of fossil fuels or vegetation.

As the lower layers of the atmosphere have more aerosols, their scattering effect is magnified. This results in more red light being scattered towards you than any of the other colors and in blazing sunsets.

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