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Why water is good for our health ?

WaterWhy water is good for our health Water is absolutely essential to every single life form. Every living cells, plants and animals alike- depends on this substance because cells, the basic unit that make up of all living things, contain water molecules without which these basic unit would be very different and of no use to life as we know it.

More than half the human body is made up of water. Much the same is true of all other living things. Human beings can go without food for a considerable time but without drinking fresh water we would die very quickly.

During a 24 hours period, an adult human being takes in about 1.90 liters of water as fluids and .95 liters in so called solid foods, such as fruit, vegetables, breads and meats. Since this foods are also made up of cells they are not really dry but are indeed  30 to 90 percent water.

In addition to this 2.85 liters that are taken in about 9.5 liters of water pass back and forth within the body between the various organs system. There are about 4.73 liters blood in the vessels of the body and 2.85 liters of this is water. The blood cannot be diluted.


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