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Why are we able to see things ?

we able to see things because In order for us to see, light enters our eyes through the black spot called the pupil which is really a hole in the eyes. The pupil can change sizes with the help of the colored part around, it a muscle called the iris. By opening and closing the pupil, the iris can control the amount of light that enters the eye.

Once the light in our, it passes through fluids, and lands on the retina at the back of the eye . In order for the light to be focused on the retina, our eyes have lenses.

The retina turns the light rays into signals that our brain can understand. The retina uses light-sensitive cells called rods are extra sensitive to light, and help us to see when it’s dark . The cones help us to see the color.

The retina changes light into electrical signals for our brain. The brain translates them into the images that we see.

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