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Why did machines and factories take over production ?

Machines and Factories are very important for us. When these were not in existence we don’t have any thing like as now. We were completely depend on nature. But when it comes and our scientist made those machine we start produce too many thins for our daily use but main question is Why did machines and factories take over production ?

In the 17th century when population of world was growing tremendously and people don’t have enough food and shelter to feed and survive, Thanks to machine and our scientist who invented those.

Machines emerge like a god for all and they were creating new things and source of income as well and At the same time, industry was also increasing at light speed , we should thanks to the development of new machines, new methods or idea of making things and new sources of energy. There was a dramatic change in result of people living and working style. Those factories and machines created millions of millions new jobs so that thousands of people gets jobs and shifted to Towns from village and able to make their living standard better. We call this change the Industrial revolution. And after industrial revolution we don’t have to depend on others country every county teach each other technology and produce more goods as they can. But still as growing population it is less.

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