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Why Do Hindu Married Ladies Wear Mangalsutra

Married Hindu women to give evidence of their being married would have had to do several things to wear . These mangalsutra , vermilion , Bicua , earrings and bangles are considered to be the most important . Mangalsutra is considered the most important ornament . The Nuptial can not be compared with any other jewelery . Is reported to mangalsutra glory of ancient times . The symbol of marriage and wedding bridal chain is considered a sign of . After marriage, married women wear around the neck so that it faithfully . But , so what? The property is to be Cmtmkari in mangalsutra . What is the significance of bridal chain ,
Symbols of love and respect for her husband mangalsutra


Bridal chain is called by different names in many states its significance is the same everywhere . The Nuptial husband has the sign of love and respect . Coming to recognize that plagues the husband is away .
Bright gold in women ‘s black pearl wedding necklace flow of energy and protect him from the evil eye .

Bridal chain breakage – lose hoodoo

Every bride ‘s wedding necklace worn by married spouse on the death of her husband whom she has devoted husband off and on . Under no circumstances refuse to unload her ex- nuptial thread . It is inauspicious to lose or break .

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