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Why do we need vitamin c?

Do you know Why do we need vitamin c, The food we take our bodies supplies us with many substances such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water, and mineral substances. But these alone are not enough. In order to maintain life we need other substances known as vitamins. Vitamins c can found in citrus fruits and fresh vegetables. When there is a lack of vitamins in our body, diseases will occur. So that actually happens when there is a back of this vitamin in the body? The blood vessels become fragile and bleed easily. Black-and-blue makes appear on the skin and near the eyes. The gums bleed easily. Our hormones and enzymes do not function well and our resistance to function by the bacteria is lowered.

Long before man knew about vitamins, it has been observed that when people couldn’t get certain types of foods, diseases would develop. Sailors, for instance, who went on long trip and could not get fresh vegetable, would develop a disease called scurvy. In the seventeenth century British sailors were given lemons and limes to prevent this disease.

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