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Why do we use circuit board ?

Printed circuit board are printed boards of Plastic or fiber materials by metals wire or use dotted lines using copper wire on a non conductive pads. These helps us to make electronics equipment.

During manufacturing of a PCB its drilled by a small pin type tools who makes too many holes in it and after that engineers or PCB makes joins all holes according to its requirement of machines. All PCB are unique and different according to its nature of use.

But do you  know Why do we use circuit board ? There are many use of a printed circuit board mainly related to electronics field and used in electronics machine and field of engineering.

Any modern electrical device requires a huge number of connections to join together all the small components needed for it to work effectively. At one time these connections were made by wires that to be soldered together . The wires have now been replaced by the printed circuit board , which is effectively a picture of the wiring that works just as well.

The image is literally photographed onto a special board which is covered with a thin layer of copper . Chemicals are used to dissolve most of the copper leaving behind a thin film of metal bands to which all the components can be attached. Circuit boards are very light, compact and inexpensive to make.

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