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Why does our temperature rise when we are ill?

Do you know Why does our temperature rise when we are ill When the first symptoms of illness appear, the doctor uses a thermometer to check whether the patient has a ‘fever’.

The average and normal temperature of a health body is 37 degree Celsius. Some diseases make this temperature rise and this high temperature is called a fever.

Fever is in fact a normal response, which help the body to fight off infection. It makes the vital processes and organs of the body work faster. More hormones are produced as well as enzymes and blood cells; especially the white cells, which attack foreign bacteria and viruses in the bloodstream.

The hormones and chemicals have to work much harder when the body is sick. The rate of blood circulation and respiration increase so that the body eliminates toxins and waste more quickly. Perspiration is also increased. It is important, however, to bring down a temperature whilst treating the cause as can destroy vital protein in the body.


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