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Why Google page rank in important ?

Do you know about google page rank. Google page rank is a reputation measuring tool for all websites and Blogs. It is awarded by google time to time. High page rank means high credibility or that Blogs or website.

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It depends on various character of a website. i.e :-

  • How old your site is, How much visitor on you site, Bounce rate of your site/Blog
  • Incoming/outgoing Links for your site.
  • Authorities Backlinks [.edu/,org/.gov]
  • Social Media share
  • Quality of content
  • Freshness of website and many more factors who can affect page rank of your website.

But main thing is why it is so important :-

It is Important because a higher Google Page rank may help you to 

  • Index fast in google
  • Google Give more weightage to high page rank site/blogs.
  • Credibility of your site will be high.
  • Online writers  usually prefer writing for sites with a high PR.
  • High PR means More Money

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