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Why are Hiroshima and Nagasaki great tragedies in the history of mankind?

why black day

By the time first atomic bomb had been made, Germany had already surrendered. Japan was defeated as well, but would not surrender.

On august 6,  1945, an atomic bomb named little boy was dropped on Hiroshima, japan. The explosion was hug , the city was destroyed, and eighty thousand people were killed.

The bomb was dropped by a plane named the enola gay which was piloted by colonel paul tibbetts. Despite witnessing the terrible destruction of the bomb on Hiroshima, japan still refused to surrender.

Three days later, on august 9,  1945, another atomic bomb, nicknamed fat man, was dropped on Nagasaki,japan. Forty thousand people were killed. Six days after the bombing of Nagasaki, japan surrendered and world war ll was over-  but with tragic results.

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