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Why is Marc Andreesen a known figure in Information Technology?

Do you know Marc Andersen a known figure in Information Technology because Marc Andersen is an American inventor best known for developing Mosaic, the first widely used web browser. He also co-founded Netscape Communications.

During his undergraduate at the University of Illinois, Andersen worked at the National Center for Super computing Applications (NCSA), and got himself acquainted with Tim Berners-Lee’s concept of open standards for the World Wide Web. Andersen, along with Eric Bina, then worked on creating a user friendly browser that could be worked on a wide range of computers. That was the birtg of the Mosaic Web Browser, in 1993.
He then founded the Mosiac Communications Corporation, and worked on the commercial possibilities of the Mosaic browser. However, after the University of Illinois objected to the use of the company name, it was changed to Netscape Communications, and the web browser got a new name the Netscape Navigator.
In October 2005, Andersen along with entrepreneur Gina Bianchini launched Ning, a venture that provides platform for social networking sites.

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