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Why is pathology so important ?

Do you know Why is pathology so important because Doctors have always been concerned with the origin of diseases not just out of sheer curiosity , but in order to improve the effectiveness of the battle against them .
Pathology is the branch of medicine that studies the causes and effects of diseases . it deals with the laboratory examination of sample of body tissues and organs , to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.
The Italian anatomist Giovanni Batista Morgagni was the founder of the pathological anatomy. He was the first to demonstrate the necessity of diagnosis , prognosis , and treatment on a comprehensive knowledge of anatomical condition.
Giovanni Morgagni’s work was based on years of careful observation and experiment , including over the 600 post -marten examination .
His brilliant description of pathological conditions make Morgagni the founder of pathological anatomy , both as a part of anatomical study , and as a basis for understanding the causes of illness.

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