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Why is quantum physics used?

Math and Science both are those subject by children fears. But science seems somewhat more interesting in comparison of Math. But when we talk about Physics in science “Enstien” make it difficult for student, Am I right !!! So, Here we are talking about quantum physics. Do you know Why is quantum physics used ? Quantum physics is the one of best branch of science and it gives us too many tremendous things to our world. In today’s lifestyle we can not imagine anything without quantum physics.

Quantum physics discuss physical phenomena with nanoscopic scales in which action is on the speed of the Planck constant

Quantum physics helps us to understand how energy is used or released by atoms. Negatively charged electrons circle about the positively charged ,and each orbit has its own lever of energy . If more energy is added when the atom is heated or when light shines it, the electron jumps  out to another orbit ,absorbing the extra energy . Then when it drops back again to its original orbit, it releases this energy as heat or light. This tiny packet of energy is called a quantum. It is not possible to measure exactly where a subatomic particle is and how fast it is moving,  because this will disturb the particle and change its characteristics.

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