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why is sea water salty ?

Have you ever think Why is the ocean salty, Have you ever tried the taste of sea water. If not you should, Yaak it is too salty and even no one can drink it, even some species can not survive in it. But why is this so, When the water of any river is too much sweet and all water comes from same source, Ocean water fall as rains that’s not taste salty but Why is this so. Let me explain. . . .

The answer is that no one really knows. Salt (another name is sodium chloride), like many other substance, is dissolved from rocks on the land and drains into the oceans, from which water evaporates leaving the salt behind, but why there is so much of it is unclear.

The salt in the earth’s oceans is vital in maintaining the currents-like the Gulf Stream-that circulate heat throughout the oceans and regulate the planet’s temperature.in one of these currents, warms, salty and surface water flows north from the Caribbean, until it reaches cool fresh water from melting glaciers.

Greenland and north- eastern Canada. There it skins to the ocean floor and flows back toward the equator, where it will rise and start the process again. One of the ideas that worries some environmental scientists is that if the Greenland or Canadian ice melts too quickly because of Global Warming, this circulation pattern will stop, and place like New York and London could become much cooler.

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