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Why was Attila The Hun so feared ?

Have you ever heard about Attila , if not you must be read about him in your history book. You have listen about too many dictator in world like Hitler, musolini and too many others. Attila was one of them, Attila was also known as Attila the Hun. Actually Hun was a kingdom and he belogs from there. Huns Kingdom known for the cruelty and Attila was the most cruel king of Hun’s. When he was king every enemy was feared from him. But do you know  Why was Attila The Hun so feared ? Here is the answer of this question.

Attila was the ruler of the Hun kingdom, in what is now called Hungary. The Huns began to expand beyond this area conquering surrounding countries until they controlled a region from the Rhine to Caspian sea, extending all the way to Baltic. The Huns were among the fiercest of the many barbarian tribes who eventually destroyed the power of the Roman empire. Attila who is still renowned for his cruelty and the ferocity of his troops, led the Huns from their homeland and almost conquered Europe. He forced the Eastern Roman Empire to pay him a fee in exchange for not attacking them . He also demanded to marry the sister of the emperor of the western empire with half the empire as a dowry a request which was refused and caused bloodshed.

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