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Why was the cold war started?

Before knowing Why was the cold war started, We have to know about cold war what is it actually. Cold war was stated as silent war between two or more country, When any country don’t actually fight with their weapons but they have started silently war between them in cold war they don’t attack on each other directly but they try to harm each other with other way Like in Business area or any other means.

Now comes to the main point why it is started After world war second, the United states and the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) emerged as the two main powers in the world-known as ‘superpowers’. Although they had fought together to defeat Nazi Germany, differences between the two superpowers soon led to the start the ‘Cold War’.

The Cold War was a political war between the USSR and its communist allies, and the USA and other non-communist countries. It did not involve fighting, although there was a threat of military action on several occasions.

Although it was a political stated situation but still there is chance for real war between countries. Every second country is involved in cold war. Now a days there is a new way of cold war is happening we also called them Cyber war. As like China and USA are acting with each other they are actually not fight with each other using any destroying weapons but still they are against each other and harming with cyber attack.

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