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Why were Davy lamps used ?

Have you ever think what happened when there were no Light and no solar panel Nothing like now. No source of energy and light people are mostly depended on natural light and other simple source of light.

We were using coal as our primary source of energy and electricity were not invented. People used coal, wood and other things which can be burn and produce light at night. So, That time people were needed something which can give them relief and produce easy light for them and then Humpry Davy comes up with the idea of Davy lamps.

But do you know Why were Davy lamps used  earlier. Here it explained. If you think I missed something please don’t hesitate to comment below or Post in our forums.

During the time of the Industrial Revolution, coal became increasingly important as the fuel for oven and forges. Coal mines were dug deeper as demand grew , leading to greater dangers of floods, collapse and gas explosions. Inventions such as Newcomen’s steam pump (To remove water) and Davy’s safety lamp eased these problems.

Davy’s safety lamp warned miners of gas leaks underground. Inventions such as this only encouraged coal miners to go into farther and more dangerous depths.

Abraham Darby’s discovery that coal could be turned into coke led to the production of coke-smelted iron. The improved iron could be used to make everything from ploughs and bridges to steam engines and drilling machines.

These lamps also known as Davy’s miners safety lamps.

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